Bernal Heights in 1907

Thanks to the volunteers at SF Genealogy and Distant Cousin, who dedicated themselves to scanning thousands of pages.

This is an ongoing project -- we hope to compile info from all the existing city directories to build up a comprehensive picture of Bernal Heights as it evolved.

Notes: All spellings are verbatim; multiple entries reflect multiple spellings given in the sources. Also, in 1907, women appear not to be listed unless they were heads of household or widowed. You will have to search other sources to find out exactly who lived in your home.

Click on the street names below for more information (opens files in PDF format; e-mail us if you'd prefer Excel). Some have changed their names: Click here for a guide to Bernal street names in 1907.

Bernal businesses NOT including Mission Street

Adam Street (now gone)

Alabama Street

Alemany Avenue (now Alemany Boulevard)

Anderson Street

Andover Street

Army Street (now Cesar Chavez Street)

Aztec Street

Banks Street

Bennington Street

Bernal Avenue (now Mirabel Avenue)

Bessie Street

Bradford Street

Bronte Street

Buena Vista Street (now Bonview Street)

California Avenue (now Coleridge Street)

Carver Street

Chapultepec Street (now Winfield Street)

Cortland Avenue

Coso Avenue

Costa Street

Crescent Avenue

East Avenue (now the first block of Highland Avenue)

East Park Street (now the first block of Park Street)

Ellert Street

Ellsworth Street

Elsie Street

Eugenia Avenue

Eve Street (now gone)

Fair Avenue

Faith Street

Florida Street

Folsom Street

Franconia Street

Gates Street

Gladys Street

Godeus Street

Harrison Street

Heyman Avenue

Highland Avenue

Holladay Avenue

Holly Park Avenue (now Holly Park Circle)

Holly Street (now Leese Street)

Isabel Street (now Mullen Avenue)

Jefferson Avenue (now Jarboe Street)

Kingston Street

Lizzie Street (now first block of Kingston Street)

Lundys Lane

Manchester Street

Mission Street

Mission Street businesses

Montcalm Street

Montezuma Street

Moultrie Street

Nebraska Street

Nevada Street

Newman Street

North Avenue (now Bocana Street)

Norwich Street

Old Hickory Street (now Ogden Avenue)

Patton Street

Peralta Avenue

Porter Street

Powell Avenue (now Powers Avenue)

Powhattan Avenue

Precita Avenue

Prentiss Street

Prospect Street

Putnam Street

Richland Avenue

Ripley Street

Roscoe Street

Rosenkranz Street

Rutledge Street

Santa Marina Street

Shotwell Street

Stoneman Street

Tomasa Street (now York Street)

Treat Avenue

Union Avenue (now Tompkins Avenue)

Virginia Avenue

West Avenue (now Appleton Avenue)

West Park Street (now Park Street)

Winfield Street (see also Chapultepec Street)

Wool Street